Coupon Creator Pro 2.4 is now available!

Coupon Creator Pro is the #1 solution for WordPress to create, display, and manage coupons, certificates, and vouchers for your business.

New Features in 2.4:

  • Range expiration, an option to easily exclude categories from the filter bar, and an unlimited counter.
  • Quick and Bulk Edits of the expiration and counter fields.
  • X Days Expiration along with a new expiration class.
  • Upgraded Help System with help videos and articles on each tab.

See a demo of the different features or learn more about Coupon Creator Pro.

What Users are Saying:

Great Support – I am using Coupon Creator fee version on two sites and love it! Easy to use and great support! Just what I was looking for.

I already like this plugin. However, now that you’ve added all these new features in 2.1, I LOVE it. Thanks so much for making it available. For me, it’s become a key part of my business. Your support is awesome and completely unexpected.

— Dr Mike Sagman -

5-Star Rating All Day Long – I strongly recommend using this plugin if you EVER need a “Top Of The Line” well designed, clean coded, lightweight, easy to manage and style coupon plugin for whatever reason for your WP site….more

Wonderful Plugin & Top Notch Support – We purchased the pro version of this plugin after reviewing the free version for a while. The free version is great, but we needed some of the more advanced features that the pro version offered…more

My client needed a coupon creator to add the mobile equivalent of clip-out paper coupons for their website. This Coupon Creator plugin was the best, most reliable solution that allows my client to easily make decent-to-good looking online coupons in-house with a minimum of design experience and fuss. Many other coupon plugins actually only generate coupon codes a-la RetailMeNot. This one lets you generate printable coupon-looking coupons or responsive, mobile-friendly discount coupons that users can pull up on their smartphone right there at the merchant.

Simple Solution for My Site — First Rate Support! – A simple and useful plugin that offers a perfect solution for my website. … The videos are extremely helpful. Support from the developer was fast and very helpful…more


  • Custom / Affiliate Links

    Link any coupon to an affiliate link in the shortcode or print view.

  • Templates

    Customize the output of the coupons by editing templates into your child theme.

  • Filter Bar

    Enable your visitors to filter your coupons by category, per page, and order by publish dates or expiration.

  • Border Themes

    Style your coupons with 5 different border styles to make a theme for each type of coupon.

  • Quick and Bulk Edits

    Edit the expiration and counter fields for one field or multiple fields directly from the admin coupon list.

  • Expiration

    Choose between 5 different expiration options, including a recurring expiration, x day to redeem, and range expiration.