Coupon Creator Pro 2.1 is now available!

Coupon Creator Pro is the #1 solution for WordPress to create and display coupons, certificates, and vouchers for your business.

New Features in 2.1:

  • Dotted Border, Stitched Border, Saw Tooth Border, and None Option.
  • Recurring Expiration with set patterns and limits.
  • Columns and Rows inserter for the terms editor.
  • Pro Coupon inserter with ability to search for coupons to insert in the dropdown.

See a demo of the different features or learn more about Coupon Creator Pro.

Border Themes

There are now four (4) different outer border themes including a Dotted Border, Stitched Border, Saw Tooth Border (modern browsers and IE 10+), and None Option. Style each coupon independently to highlight your deals to your customers.

Recurring Expiration

If setting an expiration date far in the future is not ideal for you, this feature will help. Now you can set an expiration date for the end of the month and recur it every month. This means at the start of the next month the expiration will change to the next month’s last day! There is four (4) recurring patterns to choose from and limits you can choose to how many times an expiration should recur.

Recurring Expiration

Pop Up


Make it easier for your visitors to print coupons using the Popup option. This can be enabled per coupon to display the print view in a popup.

Columns and Rows Inserter

Dealing with columns and rows in the visual editor can be a challenging, but with the new column and rows inserter you can import different variations into your coupon and then all you have to do is enter the content in. This feature does have a learning curve and it is recommended you read the support guide to learn how to use it.

Column and Rows Inserter

View Shortcodes

With two new shortcodes in Pro, you can display text in either the Shortcode View or the Print View to encourage your visitors to click through. You can even track those clicks with Google Analytics and/or using the Pro Counter.


Set Custom Dimensions and a Print Counter

Pro Coupon Dimensions
Change the dimensions of all your coupons to give your site a custom look.
Set a counter for each coupon and once the limit you set is reached, the coupon will no longer be available.

Pro Counter

More Customization Options

Including six (6) times the amount of style options, text overrides, background images per coupon, custom links per coupon, and more, to give your coupons a custom look to fit your business.

Check out all the features on the Coupon Creator Pro Page and there you can purchase a license for your sites for one (1) year of updates and direct support.